Lois Besemer (1919-1999)


Your smile, laughter, conversation, and virtually unbreakable good cheer are sorely missed by all who knew you. What I wouldn't give to bake you another pie (or have you bake me one) or sit with you and chat about plants. You were far more than my grandmother--you were my friend. And I miss you even more at Mardi Gras!

Ashley Morris (1965-2008)


Goodbye, Ashley, the Platonic ideal of New Orleanians.  When you love NOLA enough to commute to a job in Chicago, well, enough said.

Golden G. Richard, Jr. (1937-2006)


Goodbye, Dad, a/k/a G2.  Good travels, Son of Louisiana.

Gerrod Richard (1967-2001)


Goodbye, brother.  Much too soon.

Georgia Besemer Richard (1942-2015)


Goodbye, Mom.

Leigh Baker-Ronco (-2015)


Goodbye, my strange and wondeful friend.